Technological evolution in intrusion detection systems

Evolution of intrusion detection systems

Contemporary burglary detection systems are no longer the bulky electronics from the 80s that we clung to for so long. Innovations in these products were long-overdue, partly due to standards and product inspections.

However, today we can say that in a very short period of time a real technological revolution has taken place in the sector. Today's burglary detection systems are integrated in and linked to a larger totality.

Burglary detection systems consist of two parts: an alarm centre and a control panel. The alarm centre comes standard with a connection to the customer's network and can be managed and monitored anywhere via a smartphone application. Connections with lighting, roll-down shutters, gates ... via the universal KNX protocol (a home automation system) or at contact level are standard. For control, you can choose from a diverse range of control panels: from a basic keyboard with push buttons to a fully programmable touch screen that becomes the “command centre” of your security system.

Not all companies make the transition to these complex systems, since their programming and network integration requires a large investment. These systems, however, do offer improved reaction time and enhanced security. And they are user friendly. At GDW Security, we began preparing for and successfully implemented this change years ago, including a commitment to innovative technologies. This gives us the experience needed to help you simply and quickly.