Sefica BlueShield, an innovative total security system

You want to protect yourself, your family and your possessions, and thus install a burglary detection system in your home. If unwanted visitors enter in your home, the system sounds the alarm. But an (attempted) burglary is often accompanied by physical and sometimes emotional damage. Is prevention not better than a cure? Undoubtedly. Sefica BlueShield makes this possible.

Security starts outside

Sefica BlueShield is an innovative total security system that combines detection and intelligent video surveillance on the outside of your home. BlueShield forms as it were an invisible protective shield around your house. Potential intruders are detected - and deterred - before they can attempt a burglary. Thus BlueShield allows you to expand your indoor burglary detection system with an additional security perimeter outside. The system notifies you when someone comes near your home, after which you can immediately (even remotely) take action to prevent further problems.

Sefica Blueshield

How does BlueShield work?

In addition to the usual burglary detection system in your home, sensors and intelligent cameras are placed on every open wall on the outside of your residence. These detectors and cameras register every movement. By connecting the two technologies via the Sefica Checkbox, BlueShield sounds the alarm only when necessary (no false alarms from falling leaves or wandering cats).

The Checkbox is the brains of the BlueShield system. The intelligent console analyses the camera images and decides whether or not to take action. If danger threatens, you will be notified immediately and receive the images on your smartphone. You can then respond immediately via the mobile app: turn on the lights, (disable buzzers) play a message or sound the siren. The web-based application is compatible with all operating systems. The interface is user-friendly and fully customisable.

BlueShield is a fully integrated security system that can also be connected to videophone and recorder systems.


  • Fully integrated system
  • ‘Shield’ = optimal protection
  • Prevents all types of damage
  • Manage via mobile app
  • Reliable Belgian quality

As a recognised SEFICA installer, we integrate this ‘BlueShield’ total solution.