Intelligent cameras more and more standard

IVS or Intelligent Video Surveillance is the next step in camera surveillance. What types of intelligent solutions are there? An overview.

Intelligent camerasFace detection.

The camera will automatically recognise faces and save them as separate images on the recorder’s hard disk, making it possible to easily search the details of a particular individual. Some people wear (sun) glasses, a hat, masks and other accessories, so that it is not possible to filter all the faces in the picture. Each detection does not result in an actual recognition.

People counting.

The camera detects the number of persons within its view who enter and exit a detection zone. Statistics are then automatically generated on the number of persons entering and leaving a zone. It is possible to display these statistics in graphs or diagrams.

Virtual lines.

The camera detects people as they cross a virtual line. It is even possible to determine the direction objects are moving. You can for example monitor a fence or a one-way street. Upon detection, the device emits a signal and sends a photo by mail. (Other connections are also possible: with lighting, burglary detection systems, etc.) This logic of virtual lines can be extended to ‘areas’ (zone detection) that people enter or leave. You can also determine the direction to be detected.

Out-of-focus detection.

If the image is not sharp, the camera sends a signal and the user is notified immediately to take action.

Abandoned and lost objects.

Ideal for areas with little or no movement or where there are moving objects. If an object is left behind or disappears from the picture, an alarm is generated.

Heat map.

This ‘map’ gives you an overview image from the camera with different colours to indicate the intensity of the movement. In a shop, you can then easily check where most people pass through or linger.

This intelligent solution cannot be considered as a replacement for an existing burglary detection system, but as a supplement to and/or a tool within a comprehensive plan [28]. In addition, not every camera is suitable for this set-up. Within the plan, the position of the camera and the environment are important to applying this technology effectively.