For private individuals

GDW Private

Are you a value seeker who attaches great importance to electronic security? Then you have the same vision as GDW Security. With us, you are not just a customer but a true partner.

What can you as individual expect from a company like ours?

  • Custom services, tailored to your requirements and in compliance with all regulations
  • A full range of security products and services according to the ‘one-stop-shop’ principle
  • Innovative solutions with top technology
  • A personalised approach, in your mother tongue, with a smile
  • Proper arrangements and follow-up
  • Correct pricing for the quality delivered
  • Quality materials for a durable system
  • Top 24/7 service throughout Belgium
  • A financially sound and fully independent company
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Meer dan 3.000 particuliere woningen

More than 3500 private residences

GDW Security takes care of the security for more then 3500 private residences.