Looking to guarantee the safety of your employees and customers against fire ? And, in parallel, apply a rigorous security policy?

Combine the two and make sure you get it right: for fire safety, everyone must be able to evacuate the premises quickly without issues. To secure the premises against break-ins and theft, you need to build a sound, carefully-considered concept so that customers don't feel they are being watched all the time. GDW Security enables you to manage and monitor these two aspects easily.

  • Combine and manage several branches and techniques
  • Keep up with high levels of (internal) staff turn
  • Retrieve and view camera images remotely
  • Combat fraud
  • Consult stock shrinkage


Meer dan 3.000 particuliere woningen

More than 5.000 private residences

GDW Security takes care of the security for more then 5.000 private residences.

IKEA Zaventem

IKEA Zaventem

GDW Security expanded the existing camera surveillance installation into a hybrid system with a mix of (moveable) analogue and network cameras. The aim over time is to move to a fully IP-based system with high-resolution cameras.

Weekday Brussel


Total concept with integrated security for this retailer within the H&M Group, which is already opening its 3rd Belgian store in Brussels.