The critical view that we take of your current situation, based on many years' experience in this specific segment, makes us the ideal partner for customers in a high-risk sector.

  • Exacting requirements from insurance companies
  • Rapid intervention wanted in the event of a problem
  • Need for extremely reliable systems with back-up
  • Multi-site management


ES Broadcast hire

ES Broadcast hire

ES Broadcast Media is a well-known product specialist in broadcasting and digital cinematography in Belgium. It offers sales and rental solutions. This very expensive equipment is, of course, protected optimally against theft as part of an advanced concept.

The Hotel

GDW Security installed a gas detection system at several locations in The Hotel (ex-Hilton). It was linked to the general fire alarm system and individual gas valves, making it possible to shut off the gas supply if a fire is detected.

Crowne Plaza Brussels

GDW Security replaced the existing fire detection system in hotel Crowne Plaza Brussels with a new fire alarm control panel by ESSER (Honeywell).