Declaration of your camera surveillance system

Are you installing a surveillance camera? You should be aware that you have to declare this to the authorities no later than the day before you start using your surveillance camera. File your declaration online, free of charge on www.declarationcamera.be.

The law on cameras provides for a specific electronic declaration procedure. There are several possibilities. This declaration system is on the same home page as the one for declaring alarm systems. So you can easily declare both systems at the same time.

– More information on www.besafe.be

To access this platform, you have to identify yourself with your e-ID, your citizen token or a security code via token or mobile app (like when you file your tax return online via tax-on-web).

It is up to the organization responsible for processing (in this case, you) to declare the surveillance cameras. As installers, we are not allowed to do it for you.

Exemption from declaration

Are you installing a surveillance camera in a place that is not accessible to the public and only for personal purposes (in your home)? In that case, you are exempt from the obligation to declare the camera.


Owners of existing surveillance cameras who have already declared them to the Privacy Commission have until 25 May 2020 to re-submit their declaration via the new system.


Royal Decree of 28 May 2018 defining the method of reporting the existence of a surveillance camera. Since 11/06/2018, new information has to be shown on the pictogram pursuant to the GDPR:

  • The postal address and, if appropriate, the electronic address, or the telephone number where the organization responsible for the processing or its representative may be contacted (the telephone number is new).

  • If appropriate, the contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) (in certain cases, the GDPR requires a DPO to be designated. That is the case for government bodies or companies with large-scale processing).

  • If appropriate, the web site of the organization responsible for the processing, where the persons concerned may consult all the information about the processing of the images captured by these surveillance cameras.

  • When it is a matter of camera surveillance using automatic number plate recognition cameras, the letters ' ANPR ' must be added in black capital letters clearly visible on the pictogram, inside the drawing of the surveillance camera.