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Scalable and custom-built camera system

You need a standard surveillance system equipped with intelligent but affordable cameras. We have a scalable solution allowing to implement any kind of video surveillance system, ranging from XS to XXXL. You will receive a clear product calculation and project description of the video surveillance system Eocortex.

By analyzing the data of the recorded images, the Video Management Software (VMS) transforms a standard ‘stupid’ camera into an intelligent surveillance system. This software is compatible with over more than 5,550 surveillance cameras. It has a perpetual license, which means that you can continue using the software ‘indefinitely’ by paying a one-time fee.

  • Hyperintelligent
  • Future-proof
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Performing

Image search based on individual features and colors is included by default. The system’s ‘suspect tracking’ module enables you to continue following the person through several cameras.

This video surveillance solution is extremely flexible. We are able to transform both new and existing surveillance systems into intelligent solutions.

Video analysis tools

Besides the ‘intelligent’ search functionalities that are included by default, the Eocortex software can also be extended with several analysis tools. You will find below an overview of all the possible options.

People counting

People counting

The Video Management Software (VMS) monitors through movement detection the number of people who enter or leave the area. It generates statistics on the people who are present inside the building, and enter or leave it. It produces reports on the overall system or on individual cameras.

3D People Counting - Eocortex


The VMS tracks moving objects of all sizes present in the field of view of the surveillance cameras. The software generates alerts if a person crosses lines in one or more directions (line-crossing), enters a specific area (zone-crossing) or remains too long in a given zone. The system enables you to search alerts in the repository, which makes it easier to display the corresponding surveillance images.

Tracking - Eocortex

Tracking camera
Opzoeken verdachte zaken

Search of suspected activities

This functionality allows to speed up and simplify the search of objects in the repository of recorded images. You can upload a photograph or indicate manually a color, size or position within the frame. The system recognizes all similar objects included in the images recorded by each camera.

Suspect Search - Eocortex

Detection of abandoned objects

The software detects and locates abandoned ‘objects’ and allows as such to prevent dangerous situations in overcrowded spaces. The system enables you to configure a time limit for the presence of an object. Once this time limit is exceeded, the software will generate an alert.

Abandoned Objects Detection - Eocortex

Verlaten objecten opsporen
Fisheye camera

Conversion of the 360° ‘fish-eye’ images 

The images produced by a 360° camera are very useful, but not very easy to analyze. For this reason, the software transforms the general image of such a ‘fish-eye’ camera into an unlimited number of flat, deduplicated frames. This functionality is associated to a ‘virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom’ (PTZ) function. The latter helps creating a ‘frame per image display’ of all the areas covered by the camera’s, in the same way as an ordinary, movable PTZ camera would do.

Fisheye Dewarping - Macroscop

Heat map

The heat map module enables you to determine the trajectories and the locations within the cameras’ field of view where the visitors/clients have spent the least or the most amount of time. This information allows you to draw conclusions about:

  • the efficiency of the shop layout
  • the display of the goods 
  • the popularity of certain specific goods

Heat map - Eocortex


Face detection

Gezicht detectie

Do you want a surveillance system that includes facial recognition? The software automatically selects faces from a video stream. It enables you to select cameras and time frames to search faces that were detected by the cameras. You will be able to select a face and view all the recorded scenes in which this specific face was detected.

Crowd detection

Massa detectie

The system sends you alerts when it detects potentially dangerous situations and crowd agitation in streets, parcs, shops and squares. The camera informs the operator in case the preconfigured maximum number of people is exceeded. The software allows you to configure two threshold values which generate whether an ‘Attention’ or ‘Alert’ signal.

Smoke and fire detection

Rook en vuur detectie

In case the camera detects smoke or fire, it will generate a specific alert that corresponds to the nature of the event (smoke or fire). All the events are recorded in the database. The smoke or fire detected during the event are also marked on the images.

Smoke & fire detection - Eocortex

Safety helmet detection

Helm detectie

This module identifies a person and detects whether or not he is wearing a safety helmet. If not, the operator will automatically receive a warning through the monitor or by phone or email. All the steering activities are automatically recorded. At any moment, the operator is able to search within the image repository the clip to prove the violation.

Hard hats detection - Eocortex

Counting of people in a queue

Tellen van personen in een rij

The camera sends a warning to the operator when the preconfigured maximum number of people in the camera’s field of view is exceeded. Up to six detection zones per camera allow to predict the rush at the cash registers. On the basis of the recordings, you will be able to generate reports on a given area and time frame. 

Queue Control - Macroscop

Number plate recognition


The software recognizes and records the number plates of the vehicles that enter the field of view of an IP camera. The events are recorded in a separate log file that only contains the number plates. The system also enables you to set specific configuration values per number plate, such as interception, barrier management, ...

License Plate Recognition - Eocortex

The following features are always included:

Infrared lighting


You want to record images during the night? Specific infrared spots create better visibility for the surveillance cameras.



Connection to the control room + sending of an email in case one of the cameras or a hard disk fails + receiving images on smart phone. All these features are included in the standard package.

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