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You only want the best video surveillance system available on the market? For many years, Avigilon has a sterling reputation in the high-end market. It provides technologies for advanced video analysis that meet the increasingly demands in terms of video surveillance.

Avigilon combines software and cameras. The data of the intelligent cameras are processed by the software. This scalable product for camera security has a perpetual license, which means that you can continue using the software ‘indefinitely’ by paying a one-time fee.

Patented video analysis

Choosing Avigilon ensures you unique, patented analyses that are included by default:

People & vehicle appearance search

People and vehicle appearance search

This advanced search engine is based on the ‘deep learning’ principle of AI applied to video data. The software is able to sort the image material recorded by the surveillance cameras to easily locate a given person or a specific car in the entire area where several cameras are installed.

Appearance Search Technology - Avigilon

Detection of unusual movements

Unusual motion detection

Just a few days after being installed, the cameras are already capable of distinguishing between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ situations. If anything unusual appears within the camera’s field of view, the camera will indicate by a bookmark that it has detected an ‘unusual’ situation. Some examples by way of illustration:

  • appearance of a crowd in places that are normally deserted
  • a car that does not take the right direction (drives in the wrong way or in the wrong lane)
  • movement of people in places where this is not expected to happen (for instance at a fence or near bushes)
  • movement of people and/or cars at unusual moments (for instance in the middle of the night)

Additional analyses

The cameras can be configured by default to perform different types of analyses, both on live images or recorded images, and this without requiring extra license fees. In addition, the system also allows additional object analyses on both people and vehicles.

Presence of objects within a specific area

Objecten in een gebied

This functionality is activated if a preconfigured number of ‘objects’ is present within the area of a predetermined video-surveilled environment (for instance: the parking lot has reached its maximum capacity; a second person enters a room where only one person is allowed, ...).

Hanging around


This functionality is activated if an object remains present within the video-surveilled environment during a certain period of time (for instance: staff smoking outside the emergency exits during their cigarette break).

Objects crossing lines

Objecten die lijnen overschrijden

This functionality is activated if the maximum number of objects crossing the lines within a radius that is preconfigured within the camera’s field of view is exceeded during the selected time frame. The bar can be unidirectional or bidirectional (for instance: the beverage storage room, the IT-room, ...)

Non presence of objects within a specific area

Objecten niet aanwezig in een gebiedd

This functionality is activated when there are no objects present in the video-surveilled environment (for instance: non presence of front reception desk staff) 

Objects that are no longer moving within a specific area

Stoppende objecten in een gebied

This functionality is activated if an object is no longer moving in (part of) the video-surveilled environment during a preconfigured time frame (for instance: a car that blocks the emergency exit, ...).

Camera masking

Camera maskering

This functionality is activated when something unexpected happens in the video-surveilled environment (for instance: someone changes the camera’s direction, or masks it with a piece of paper).

Number plate recognition

The License Plate Recognition (LPR) functionality enables the cameras to record the number plates of vehicles passing by. This implies that you can do an image search on number plates. It also allows to automatically open the barriers or parking gates when a car approaches whose number plate is known by the system.


The following features are always included:

Infrared lighting


You want to record images during the night? Specific infrared spots create better visibility for the surveillance cameras.



Connection to the control room + sending of an email in case one of the cameras or a hard disk fails + receiving images on smart phone. All these features are included in the standard package.

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